General Questions

Q: What versions of the wireless 802.11 protocol are supported?

A: The WEMiSphere™ network supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

Q: Why can't I connect to the network?

A: Check if you have a Wi-Fi-compliant network adapter and if it has been installed correctly and turned on. If you continue to have problems please power off and on your Wi-Fi radio, and “forget” the WEMiSphere Network and try to reconnect. WEMiSphere has been tested on all the popular SmartPhone and Tablet operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Q: How can I get a faster connection?

A: WEMiSphere™ wireless Internet speed varies, depending on the guest traffic and power of the signal. If you experience a slow connection in a particular location, try moving to a different location to find a less-crowded access point.

Q: Where can I connect to WEMiSphere?

A: WEMiSphere™ services are provided throughout West Edmonton Mall common areas, the Fantasyland Hotel Guest Floors, L1 Lounge and L2 Grill, the Hotel Conference Centre and Ballrooms, West Edmonton Mall Inn, and inside the Parks and Attractions at West Edmonton Mall.

Q: Can I set up my own wireless network at West Edmonton Mall?

A: No, you cannot set up your own wireless router anywhere on the premises without written permission from WEM.

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